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One application for every job

Giving back the power to applicants

Forget about: Mind-numbing job descriptions, Hours applying, Frustrating evenings, and ... You get the point.

Swipe and apply; we summarize each job description in 15-second consumable pieces of content!


Searching for your next hire?

We're here to make the application process more accessible and engaging for everyone. We create an experience that can represent your brand from the get-go! And the best part, all at a fraction of the cost of any other recruitment organization.

How do we do it?
We use optional blind application profiles
Algorithmic matching of candidates and jobs
Branded, rich, and unique job descriptions
Optimized content
And many other tactics new to the recruitment industry

Not impressed? We're a plug-and-play solution. Whether you have an ATS or a small operation, our technology will blend into YOUR systems.

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