The hiring process is broken. Here's why...

We've been there. You're trying to find the perfect candidate for your company, inject some creativity into your workforce, and make things happen! But at last, the world isn't a fairytale.

The indecently sad reality is that your jobs have been online for months and remain unfilled; the candidates you do get are not a good fit, and the applicant volume is not significant. Your company's teams are breathing down your neck because they need talent, and they need it now; the business is bleeding cash, morale is down, and everyone seems to be overworked.

You've tried it all

Job boards, Facebook, Craigslist, recruitment agencies, email marketing; hell, the only thing you haven't done is going door to door offering your jobs, but you're thinking about it!

It's not a surprise or your fault. The recruitment process is outdated, inefficient, biased, costly, and takes too long, kind of as if it had been designed in the 90's... I mean, it was, so that makes sense.

Yes, the process is broken, but not for too long. Here's how we are changing things!

This is us

Jobsee is a Canadian geosocial employment technology company that allows users to anonymously apply to local job opportunities sorted by the candidate's career goals, likes, salary expectations, and psychographic preferences.

I know, a handful of buzzwords, but that just means that we're the company that will get you quality talent fast, at the lowest rates, and we make hiring bias a thing of the past. Sounds like magic, right?

Blind applications, intelligent algorithms, here's our secret sauce.

Well, we might as well give you the house; here's how it all works.

  1. We'll learn about you, your company, and your jobs.
  2. From hundreds of candidates, our algorithm will find the best ones that match your job, your company's ethos; those applicants we believe will find fulfilment and growth with your team.
  3. We'll send you blind applications of those candidates showing their qualifications, experience, a bit of their personality, and highlighting the percentage compatibility with the job. No names, no identifying markers, a genuinely unbiased experience.
  4. Like the candidates? Perfect, we'll send you the resume, contact info, we'll make the introductions, and that's it!

Are you excited? Because, we are! Join our app launch today!

Join our launch today!

We've crossed our "t"s and dotted our "i"s

If this sounds too good to be true, it's because we have a fantastic team behind our company. Recruitment professionals that have obtained hundreds of thousands of job applications, reviewed thousands of resumes, and ultimately hired talented workers all across Canada.