Are you placing your first job order? Thanks!

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 Here's what we'll do for your business

  • We will create a branded application experience for your job. (Better, easily digestible content that represents your brand and culture, but that's also engaging and visually appealing for the on-the-go candidate)
  • Our technology will carefully select the three best applications that match the requirements for the role and your company's culture.
  • Our algorithm will process those three applications to create blind and concise profiles with all the necessary information to move candidates forward in your application process.
  • A personal account representative to respond to any doubt you may have. Yes, not a robot, always a human!

We only need one thing from you: A general description of the role and the candidate profile you are looking to hire. Then, we'll take it from there. Just copy your job description to the text box, or email us your files at

By the way, any file type will do, Excel, Word, PDF, we'll even take a JPEG!